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Hi - I'm Audrey!

I've been doing bookkeeping for small businesses for 20+ years.  I first started my own bookkeeping business when my kids were small in 2002 called Audrey's Bookkeeping Service.  It was perfect fit to the flexibility I needed having three young children under the age of seven. It was great income. I could build my schedule around my children's schedules.

Then in 2012 one of my client's whose business was growing fast asked me to come on board as his full-time Controller/CFO.  I saw this an opportunity to grow and expand my knowledge and took the leap.  Five years later he moved his business about an hour farther away and the commute was brutal. 

In 2017 I decided to leave my full-time job and start my own accounting business again from scratch.  And in just a little over 1 year, I grew it to a very successful business.  Now I want to help you  grow a successful bookkeeping business that fits your needs!


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